1% Listings

This is not a gimmick, we will really list, actively market, and sell your home if it’s valued at more than $250,000 for only a 1% commission, and if it doesn’t sell you don’t owe us anything!  Even if your home is worth less than that, we can always beat the commission rates of pretty much everyone in town on a basic listing.

We don’t have franchise fees of any kind to pay, and we keep our overhead low, so we are happy to pass the savings to our clients, so don’t pay 6% (total commission) when you can get the same results for a MAXIMUM of 4%! (total commission)

For 1% listing agent commission we provide as much or more than many provide for a 3% listing commission

If you’re looking for basic Realtor services, and are asking a reasonable price for your home, there is literally no reason to pay high real estate commissions to get it sold.  We will get it listed and sold, and provide all of the paperwork for a 1% commission.

Please contact us if you would like more information!

More information and explanation:

For the vast majority of real estate transactions, there are two agents involved in the transaction, the buyer’s agent, and the listing agent.  Because the buyer’s agent is working diligently to find the suitable home for their clients, and to make sure the transaction goes smoothly, they receive a portion of the commission paid by the seller.

At May & Company we want your business, and we want to make the decision easy for you, so we are willing to offer our services at a significantly discounted price versus what our competition charges.  We will list your home, and provide full service representation for only a 1% commission on the sales price (you only pay it if your home sells).  We generally recommend our sellers to offer a 3% (or similar competitive commission rate) to stay competitive with other offerings in your home’s area, which makes the total commission paid 4% at the most.

To sweeten the deal, if we act as a dual agent, representing buyer and seller (you), we will lower our total commission charge to 3%, so that you save even more!