Best Broker Commission Split in Shreveport / Bossier City, Louisiana! Mayco Real Estate Services, LLC

We want to make the decision to change real estate brokerages an easy one, and in fact we want it to be a “no brainer”.  That’s why we’ve set up the best broker commission split and best broker split cap in town for our sponsored agents, along with free high quality refelective metal signs, free supra lockboxes, company branded apparel, first box of business cards, client gifts, and so much more!  In addition to that we don’t charge monthly technology (or any other) fees, or require agents to do “desk duty”.  We’ve heard horror stories from agents about paying $25-30k per year to their broker/national franchise when they have a $10k split cap.  We thought “How can that be possible, and why would anyone put up with that!?!?!”  It’s just not right, and we want to help you avoid it!

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