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Satisfaction Guarantee:

  If you give us the opportunity to manage your rental property and aren’t totally satisfied within the first 90 days, just let us know and we will terminate the agreement and refund any management fees that you’ve paid during that time.  (Lease fees are not refundable).  Additionally, we do not require any long term agreement, if you aren’t satisfied at any point during our management of your property it only takes a 30 day notice to terminate our services, and you’ll not owe us any fees that we haven’t already earned.  We want you to be totally satisfied, and we want to EARN your business EVERY MONTH!

We are the right management company for you if:

  • Your rental portfolio is too large to effectively manage it yourself, and you don’t want to have to manage a staff to get it done for you (we manage small portfolios and single homes too!)
  • You don’t have the time or intention to be involved in the management of your properties
  • You want a professional to manage your properties using their experience, systems, and processes that have been cultivated over many years, hundreds of units, and thousands of tenants
  • You understand that properties require constant maintenance, and a property needs to be kept in relatively good condition to maximize tenant quality and rent revenue
  • You only want to be informed about the things that you need to know and would prefer to leave the rest to the professional you hired.
  • You understand that the best value doesn’t always come at the lowest price.

Please note that we do not manage low income housing as our systems do not work as well for low income homes as they do for middle and upper income homes.  If you have a question about whether or not your property is low income please contact us so we can evaluate  for you.

Increase your ROI and reduce your effort to generate returns.  We have years of experience, and the best tools available, to maximize your return on investment.  Our superior marketing and management strategy will pay for the management fees in higher rents, shorter vacancies, and less turnover.

Advantages to PROFESSIONAL property management with Mayco Real Estate Services, LLC:

  • Reduced risk of violating a law and exposing yourself to unknown liabilities.
  • Strict adherence to best practices to ensure your interests are protected and your returns are maximized.
  • Your real estate becomes a truly passive investment.
  • You can invest in areas outside of where you live (NWLA is an excellent place to invest in real estate).
  • Exceptional efficiency through the latest technology.
  • Much better exposure to potential tenants in all demographic levels.
    • We have literally hundreds of potential tenants contacting us every week.
    • Increased exposure and cross marketing decreases vacancy time significantly.
  • Close relationships with local vendors to manage repairs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively, you can always choose the vendors that you would like working on your properties, our vendors are available for your convenience, but is not required to be used.
  • Active reporting to keep you informed about the status of your property
    • Weekly reporting for available units with specific data and recommendations for how to improve performance of your available property.
    • Reporting on balances owed, collection and eviction activity, tenant notice to vacate and any other pertinent information.  We want our clients to know what’s going on with their properties at all times.
  • We’re always acting in your best interest.

Full Service Property Management for Residential OR Commercial Properties:

We advertise properties when they come available, show the property, screen the tenants, ensure leases are signed and stored securely, collect the rent, manage any necessary repairs (we will contact you prior to taking action on any repair over a certain preset cost, and we will use any vendors you have specified to do the work if you prefer), ensure all laws are adhered to, facilitate evictions if necessary, handle move-outs, move out inspections, refunding of damage deposits (or documentation and delivery of itemized explanation of charges related to damage deposit deductions), change the locks, complete a “make ready” checklist to ensure safety compliance and overall condition of property, and start the process over again.  Our fees are determined by collected monthly rent, so we only make money when you make money.  Large renovations or repairs and other similar services may require other one time charges if contractor oversight is required.

Pricing: starts at 3% for commercial property management, 7.5% for residential – Click link below for more specific information on current pricing


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