Property Repair, Maintenance, and Renovation

For investors that use our property management service we offer the services of our in-house crew.  The crew is experienced and insured, and has all the tools necessary to do almost any type of repair or renovation.  We also offer in-house lawn and landscaping maintenance.

Pricing is as follows:

Repair/Renovation work: Renovation work, or large jobs are done by quote. Small jobs are charged on a per hour basis depending on the work being done

  • Demolition, clean up, debris removal, etc: $25/hour
  • Painting: $35/hour
  • Carpentry: $40/hour
  • Plumbing: $60/hour
  • Electrical: $55/hour

Lawn Maintenance/Landscaping: Regular lawn maintenance (bi-weekly) starts at $25 per yard, and is based on the size and layout of the property.  Annual and semi-annual flower bed and landscaping maintenance is available, and is done by quote.  Leaf collection is also available and done by quote.  Special consideration and pricing is offered for customers with more than 10 yards.