Real Estate Agents

Current Agents

If you’re currently a real estate agent and are considering making a change, Mayco Real Estate Services would welcome you aboard with the best commission splits in the region and dedicated office and meeting space available to you.  Your split would depend on your experience, production, and level of autonomy (see below for explanation and splits).   There are no franchise fees, or any other fees to pay (other than your licensing, insurance, and realtor association fees)

New Agents or Those Considering Becoming and Agent:

If you’re considering becoming a new agent, we can definitely help with plenty of advice, guidance, and even providing leads to you.  If you’d like more information please contact our broker, Kevin May.

Associate Brokers:

Associate brokers with team members commission splits are 95/5 and your split cap is $5,000.00 per year.  You receive one third of the broker split received by the company from your team members.  That means that your team members make the same split as all the other agents in the company, and there is NO DISADVANTAGE to being on your team.  Associate brokers are not eligible to receive company generated leads.


Experienced agents (more than one year experience) are eligible for the following:

  • 85/15 commission split.
  • $12,000.00 per year cap on self generated business (not originating from a company lead).
  • If the commission originated from a company provided lead there is a 20% lead fee.

Agents with less than one year experience have the same splits as above, but require a “mentor” who will receive 10% of your gross commission.  You can change your mentor at any time, but must have a mentor through your first year, or 10 transactions, whichever comes later.

  • Your mentor is an agent or associate broker of your choosing who is currently licensed under our company, has at least 2 years of experience, at least 3 million dollars in total transactions, and 15 total historical transactions.  They will assist with how and why things are done in a particular way, best practices, client handling, legal requirements, and much more.

In-company Transactions

Buyer’s agents whose clients purchase a home listed by a Mayco Real Estate Services agent or broker receive a 10% higher proportion of the generated commission.  For example, if your normal split is 85/15, for this transaction it would be 95/5!

Advertising Commitment

We also are committed to spending a minimum of 20% of our broker split revenue on various forms of advertising.  This includes things like sponsorships for little league teams and other things that are important to you and your family!

Company Generated Lead Information


Reasons to be licensed under our company:

  • We are focused on providing excellent support and visibility to our agents.
  • We provide extremely reasonable commission splits, and split caps.
  • We give you flexibility in how you structure your commissions, making you more competitive in the marketplace.
  • We don’t have franchise fees, broker fees, or any other hidden fees for you OR YOUR CLIENTS!
  • We donate 25% of our profits to local charities CHOSEN BY OUR CLIENTS!
  • We are 100% open minded about incorporating the things that you like about your current broker!
  • We are technology focused and want to remain on the cutting edge.
  • In company transaction have a 10% bonus for the buyer’s agent.
  • and much more!!