Portfolio Builder

If you’re an investor looking to attain more properties we have an excellent program available to help you do just that.  We utilize our resources to locate, purchase, and remodel homes, we get them occupied and cash flowing, and then we sell them wholesale to our investors for less than they will appraise for.

Why would we do this?

We’re always looking for new and different ways to build our business.  When we can offer high quality income producing rental properties to our investor clients we are able to expand our existing property management business, while at the same time utilizing some of the excess capacity available to the renovation crew.  We don’t make much profit on these properties, usually 5-10%, but the long term income gained from increasing the portfolios of our investor clients is what makes it worthwhile for us.

What kind of properties are available through this program?

Currently we’ve done single family through 4 family properties, and only properties that are acceptable in terms of quality and location for our property management services.  This means the homes will be high quality, low maintenance, and good long term investments.  All of the properties we renovate and put in our portfolio are done so under the assumption that we are going to keep it forever.  We don’t cut corners, all of our homes are renovated to the same standard regardless of location.

What happens to the homes that aren’t bought immediately by investors?

The homes that aren’t purchased immediately by investors are retained in the investment portfolio of our owner and remain available to our investor clients at the same purchase price until they are sold.  The homes are excellent investments, and the work done to them is always well done, so we don’t have a problem holding them indefinitely.  It’s rare that we would offer them for sale on the open market, which makes these “off-market” opportunities an even better opportunity for our investor clients.