Client and Tenant Testimonials

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By far the best property manager I've ever had after 14 years of out of state investing.  I've been with Mayco for nearly two years and I thank my lucky stars ever since I switched.   Professional, knowledgeable, and by far the best advertising in the local area.  If you've got a quality rental, Kevin and his team will represent it to the fullest potential/value.  I'll say this, fellow out of state investor friends of mine are jealous they don't have a Mayco in their area.
Eric (California)

After purchasing our first rental property we soon realized we had many tasks ahead of us before the home was ready to lease.  The home sat vacant for almost a year until we found Mayco Real Estate Services. Their professional crew came in and finished out the home making it showcase ready, while Kevin worked patiently with us on perfecting the lease agreement. Within 30 days they found the perfect family to lease our home. I never would have imagined being a property owner could be so easy. Thank you Mayco! I strongly recommend Mayco Real Estate Services to everyone that is wanting to make a stress free property investment.
Carl and Brock (Shreveport)

My family’s experience with Mayco has been outstanding.  Kevin is a professional business man and I trust his professional judgement and management of our rental property. I would not hesitate to recommend his company for the care of your investment.
Mary (Baton Rouge)

The staff at Mayco is a stellar team. I needed to move by designated time as well as get approved for a property that I thought was going to be impossible. I met with Tony and he told me dont worrie. That same day I was approved to rent the property. Thank you Mayco!!
Lori (Shreveport Area Tenant)

As first time landlords, my husband and I were hesitant to lease our previous home for fear of the headaches it might cause.  Mayco Real Estate Services has turned this into a hassle-free experience for nearly 2 years.  We have been very pleased with the minimal involvement and effort required from us to sustain a happy tenant.  From managing repairs to direct depositing payments, the conveniences provided have been the perfect fit for us!
Amy and Brad (Shreveport)

I used to manage my own properties and hated it.   With Mayco, owning a rental property is a breeze and I haven’t had to deal with tenants since.   The money just shows up in my account.   I’ll never manage my properties again.   Recommend Mayco 100%!!!
Mike (Stonewall)

I decided to use Mayco for all of my rentals a couple years ago and I am very glad I did. I have not had to worry for one second about anything to do with the properties since. Mayco handles everything, and notifies me with only what I need to know. Very professional in their day to day operations, which I appreciate. I wish I had known about Mayco a long time ago, it would've saved me ALOT of headache!
Mike (Shreveport)

We've been with Mayco for about 2 years & absolutely love them! Anytime we've had an issue they've sent someone right out. We couldn't ask for a better rental company. We hope to use the Mayco company for years to come.
Michelle (Shreveport Area Tenant)

"I have enjoyed being your tenant and appreciate all you've done for me over the past two years.  You were very cooperative and easy to make contact with.  You addressed issues and tried your best to make sure they were tended to in a timely and professional manner.  It was truly a pleasure doing business with you and your company.  I personally thank you for being such a great property manager.  If I ever move back to Louisiana I'll check to see what properties you have to offer for rent first and I'll totally recommend you to friends and family!"
Nikki (Shreveport Area Tenant)

Tony is very polite and nice.  I look forward to doing business with Mayco Realty.  Will highly recommend
Bea (Prospective Tenant)