Turn Key Investment Property For Sale

Sorry, we don’t have any properties being sold off market any longer as of 5-9-24.  We are in the process of getting packages of properties listed on the open market and expect for those to be active within  a week.

These properties are for investors only.  Most have all been fully renovated and are professionally managed by Mayco Real Estate Services.  All of these properties are occupied and cash flowing unless otherwise specified.  Some properties may not be available to purchase by themselves and are only available to purchase in packages.  That information is in the description for each property that it applies to.  Most properties have no deferred maintenance.  If any exists it would most likely be resolved at the next vacancy.  The ROI shown is the potential cash on cash return on investment based on a 20% down payment, this means it does not account for expenses like vacancy, repairs, or management fees.  There is a breakdown on the details page for each property.  Any property showing more than 100% ROI is calculating using potential rent, and will require substantial renovation to achieve that amount in rent.  Please Click Here for more information on purchasing these properties and contact information to start the process.

Disclosure:  The owner of these properties is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Louisiana.