The Mayco Difference

We like to think we are totally different from all of the other real estate companies in town, but in reality all of the companies are very similar.  Here are a few things that do set us apart from our competition:

Dedicated to the community – We donate 25% of our profits to our clients’ favorite local charities and schools.  You tell us who you want us to donate to, and we will financially support them every quarter, FOREVER!

100% LOCAL! – We are owned and operated by people that grew up in Shreveport and are happy to call this area home.  All of our revenue stays right here in the local area, franchise brokerages CANNOT say that!

Lower Overhead – We like to maintain an efficient business at all times.  We minimize our operating expenses so that we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower fees for sellers, and buyer housewarming gifts!  This is also what allows us to donate so generously to your favorite charities and schools.

More Options – We like to be creative when it comes to what we offer clients, and we are always introducing new and different options than any others in the market.  We’ve included a few examples at the bottom of this page.

Investors – Whether you’re buying, selling, flipping, or renting, we have the experience, expertise, and connections to maximize the profitability of your venture!


More options for buyers AND sellers – contact us for more information:


  • Multiple commission levels – based on your wants and needs, from very basic low cost listings (1% listing commission or less) to full service incredible exposure, with everything you could want and more!
  • Guaranteed to sell – We can offer you a guarantee that your home will sell within 90 days or less, or we will buy it!
  • If you want a quick and easy sell we can even buy your home immediately, with no haggling or frustration.
  • We can even oversee the repairs or renovations to your home prior to putting it on the market.
  • Furnished temporary homes – We offer short term leasing opportunites to our buyers and sellers so that they have options other than a double close!
  • Impressive reporting – You will have ample information about your listing from many different sources, and you’ll receive it every week.


  • Exclusive properties – We have contacts with multiple property investors that often have properties held in inventory off the market, and often never even become available on the market.
  • Renovation Oversight – In many cases we can assist you with repairs and renovations to your new home before you move into it.
  • Bridge (construction) Financing – We have contacts at local banks across the entire area we serve, and we can help you get financing for any work you may want to do prior to moving into your new home.
  • Lease/Purchase – In many cases we are able to find you a home to lease for a period before you buy it.  We may even be able to let you find a home you love that is on the market and make the same arrangements on that home!
  • Furnished temporary homes – We offer short term leasing opportunites to our buyers and sellers so that they have options other than a double close!