Non-Profit Organization Nomination Form

Part of our business model is to give back to the local community.  We have committed to donating 25% of our net profits to local non-profit organizations that are chosen by our clients.  Once an organization has been nominated by a client they will receive a donation from us periodically, forever!

Donations are made every quarter that we are profitable, generally organizations that have at least one nomination will be donated to annually, at a minimum.

The only requirements for us to donate to your preferred organization is that they be a 501-c3, and be headquartered, or do the vast majority of their operations in NWLA.  If you don’t have a specific preferred organization please state you’d like your nomination to go to the organization with the greatest need at the time of donation.

Please provide the name of your agent you used to transact your business with May & Company.

Please provide the address of the property you bought or sold using our services.

Organizations must be 501-c3, and conduct the majority of their operations in northwest Louisiana.

Other information you'd like to provide regarding our company, or your choice for Non-profit organization.

If we have questions about your choice organization we may need to contact you. Please provide your preferred method of contact (email, phone, text message, etc)

We send out an annual letter so that we can update our clients on what their organizations are receiving from us, and what good they are doing with those funds. If you'd like to receive that letter please provide the best mailing address where we can send it every year!