Discount Realtor

If you don’t want to pay a 6% commission to sell your home, we don’t blame you!  We offer many different levels so that you have flexibility, and decide what you find valuable in a realtor.

For Sale by Owner Listings:

We pride ourselves in providing excellent service and results for all of our clients.  But often times home owners prefer to handle most of the process and work themselves if they can, and save the commission all together.  Because of this we offer a completely flexible option for these home owners.  We will photograph and list your home on the MLS and 80+ other websites.  We will assist you with pricing and other information you may want or need, and we will place a sign in your yard.  If we are successful in locating a buyer for your home you would only pay a 3% total commission (if split, 2.5% goes to selling broker and .5% goes to listing broker).  If you locate the buyer you pay nothing for any of our time or services!  That is about as fair as we can make it!

Full Service Discount Listings:

We will list your home, and put together a full marketing plan for your home giving it extremely good visibility (including paid advertising on Facebook for listings prior to June 1, 2015), featured status on our website that gets thousands of visits per month, and many other benefits for only 1% listing broker commission, maximum of 4% total commission!

For an additional 1% you’ll receive the added benefits of professional photography, additional paid advertising on Facebook AND Instagram, paid advertising on hundreds of websites like,,, google, and many more!  Hundreds of thousands of people in the region will see your home’s listing every month!

For full blown, knock your socks off exposure and service that you won’t get anywhere else you’ll get constant repetitive paid advertising for your listing, plus we will do a 3D virtual tour that maximizes the number of people looking at your home, minimizes the “looky loo buyers” and makes every day an open house.  This decreases the inconvenience associated with home showings, and increases the likelihood of a showing being for a serious buyer!  All of this for a 3% listing broker commission (maximum 6% total commission), which is what most brokers charge for the same service you’d get for our 1% option!

For any of these options, if we act as a “dual-agent” representing you and the buyer, we will discount our commission by 1%, meaning that a 4% total commission becomes a 3% total commission!  You will literally save thousands!